The following privacy policy addresses the practices by our website (website address) related to executive working and official dealing of information.


We gather information through mentioned forms on our site. We may collect information through other official means in case of order placement. All the information gathered by our website is solely for our website`s better functioning. We are the only owner of all kind of information.

Once our website visitor is ready to subscribe or purchase something from our website, we gather identifiable information like name, phone number, email address, etc. In case of purchasing, we collect sensitive information additionally, including credit card number, bank account number, etc. to complete the process. We maintain a record of browser`s cache and cookies as well.


Our policy is very strict related to privacy concerns, and no one is allowed to view the information without surveillance of company`s authorities. All the gathered information is used to make the user experience better. We never share, disclose, rent or sell any part of data to any other body other than our company`s officials. We use the information to recommend products, announce promotions and to keep our clients updated with our brand`s activities.

We may share some information with shipment companies in case of order placement. However, the sensitive information is not shared at any cost with anyone. The sole aim to gather information is to improve user experience and to complete the process of order placement and delivery.


Third-parties are not allowed to view or access the data. Only a few selected members of our company can operate the data. No one is allowed to save, copy or share any information from our database. We have taken all necessary measures to secure your provided information, so it is complicated to misuse or leak any part of data.

For sensitive information protection, extraordinary measures are taken. We have worked to protect information in online and offline modes. Confidential information is only gathered in case of order placement. There is no need to provide information like credit card number or bank account number if you are not willing to purchase any product from our website. Whatever information you share, is entirely encrypted, and all data is transmitted through secure networks which can be confirmed by viewing for a closed lock icon at the bottommost of your website browser or search for “https” at the beginning of the address of the web page.


Cookies are small packages of data which are stored on visitor`s hard drive to assist us to increase your access to our website. They are used to identify our visitors who continually come to our site. We use cookies to enhance the user experience by identifying and categorizing them. We recognize the pages, blogs, and product searches you have made on our website. The data is also used to send pertinent ads and saving invoices or selected products of shopping carts etc. You can turn off the cookies anytime, but in that case, you won`t be able to use all the features of our website.