Ever since I was a young girl, fashion has always been a primary interest of mine. My creativity however wasn’t discovered until I was about 13 years old. It started with me making dresses for my dolls. That progressed into sewing dresses for myself. So impressed were my mom and sisters that I ended up making clothes for them. That lead to people noticing the quality of my work as well as the styles I was creating.

That started me on my path to a career in fashion. I have gone on to design for everyone from tv personalities, to complete wedding parties, as well as everyday woman looking for that perfect fit, with a personalized touch.

In 2010 I launched “Cuddlie Cuties.” It was founded with the idea of making and designing personalized baby’s blankets. It has now expanded to incorporate baby essentials (i.e. baby stroller covers with matching hats bibs and sleepers) along with maternity tops and dresses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a range of high quality baby wear, accessories and maternity wear with an accent on comfort and style. We aim to dress all of our clients in limited edition stylish clothes and accessories.

Our Target

Our target market are pregnant moms and babies from newborn to toddlers, mothers who can be proud to wear the brand and not worry about compromising on quality.